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Mastering the Game of Golf

Mastering the game of golf is as simple as mastering your own mind. Golf is a mind game that is directed in part by your ability to focus. A large part, in fact. There is a lot more to the game than just hitting a ball from hole to hole. That is why there are professional golf course designers and professional golfers. Golf is a sport that requires practice to perfect. The more you practice the better you become and the lower your golf score goes. Right?

Well, sometimes… but not always. What does it really take to master the game of golf? There are several aspects of playing the game of golf that affect how you play. There are four areas that are essential to playing golf well. They are the cornerstones of the game. These cornerstones are equipment, technical skill, the golf course, and mental agility.

The basic equipment needed to play a round of golf include golf clubs, golf balls, golf shoes, golf bag, score card and pencil. Golf accessories and amenities include gloves, towel, water bottle, and the list goes on.

Technical skill whether you are self taught or take lessons with a professional is essential to making your way around the golf course successfully. Every shot involves which club to use and how to use it for the situation the ball is in. Golf course etiquette is another skill needed by golfers.

The golf course that you play on has a great deal to do with how well you may or may not play a round of golf. Golf courses are rated by degree of difficulty. They are designed to be challenging or less challenging depending on the location and lay of the land. Each hole is designed to achieve a specific difficulty with specific obstacles at a specific par.

When you have the equipment, the training and a great course and still can’t lower you golf score the fourth aspect of golfing needs your attention. Mastering the game of golf starts in your own head. It does not matter what clubs you use, how well you can swing a club or hit a ball, or what golf course you are playing on. When your mind is not able to focus on the shot at the moment, your game will not improve to the degree that you desire. The ability to focus while your friends are standing there watching after you just lost a ball in a water on the last hole is the difference between you mastering golf and golf mastering you.

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